The Philosophy of a Delicious Life

About the Company

"Seaport Catering" LLC has been active in the public service industry since 2009.

The priority for our company are the services rendered and the quality of food provided.

In order to achieve high results, the company has built up its work in accordance with the global and authoritative standards in the field of food safety and hygiene of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

Today our company is among the most authoritative and fast developing companies in the HORECA sector of Azerbaijan. During our activity we have proved and established as a company professionally suitable to its activity, food inspection, providing high-quality and successful organizational services.

We have applied all international standards in our work since receiving such certificates as:  İSO 22000 : 2018 (Food Safety Management System), İSO 9001 : 2015 (Quality Management) və İSO 45001 : 2018 (Occupational health and safety management systems)

Our Mission

From the first days of our work in the service sector, our knowledge and experience have become the basis of our activity. Working with “Seaport Catering” you will make sure from the first days that your project will be perfectly implemented by one of the best food companies.

Our Honesty

Every new project is a call to our knowledge, experience and professionalism. We pay great attention to the new cooperation and the proposed requirements of our clients.   Because it is an incentive for improvement and growth.   

Our Partners

Our company provides food services during the day to more than 10 thousand people employed in industry, construction, factories, plants, educational centers.

Our employees and mechanism of control

Professional employees control all our activities. In addition, in order to improve their professional skills, we constantly involve our employees in various trainings and courses.

At all stages of our working processes, we try to meet all hygienic requirements and apply the maximum efficiency


During the day, we provide food to more than 10,000 + people working in various fields in Baku and on the outskirts. In addition, our kitchens are also active in the regions of the country.

Catering is a profitable and quality food!

Not all organizations can purchase products wholesale and marked down prices, as Catering companies do.

To prepare tasty and delicacy dishes and to meet all the requirements of standards of hygiene, it is essential to purchase high quality kitchen equipment (commercial cooking equipment), which needs to be constantly monitored and maintained in time. Purchasing and maintenance of such equipment is costly enough.

Catering is product safety!

The main advantage of Catering companies and even the most important is the requirements of for food safety standards. Naturally, if there is no specialists, it is impossible to monitor the quality of the purchased products and proper storing. It is for this reason that food poisoning is very common cases. In addition to all that mentioned above, it is vital to pay attention to whether the company has official permits from the state bodies, clients and partners the company collaborate. If the company has ISO Standards certificates.

Why should you choose “Seaport Catering”?

When choosing a catering company, you should consider which brands the company uses, how and under what conditions, stores the high-end products and using them.  Certainly, attention should be paid to observance of food hygiene and safety.

Why should you choose “Seaport Catering”?
The answer to this question can be found below:

Food safety standards
ISO 22000:2018
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 45001:2018
Menu options
High-end products whose quality is controlled by professionals
Extensive experience and knowledge in HORECA sector
High Quality Service
Professional team

Company presentation